Wild Horse Canyon



The Prairie RoomThe Prairie Room has a queen size bed, with a large closet for clothes, robe for guests, old heirloom secretary in room. Pictures are a variety, with a Bierdstadt on one one.. Depicting the prairie life and how life was back in the early 1890’s when the farm was a homesteaded.


The room has pine finished woodwork and is hopefully a reminder of the folks who came to western Kansas to find a new life, survive and raise their family and at the same time forge a path for future immigrants.

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The SecretaryThe black table for the lamp is a remnant of the Shields United Methodist Church now closed. It is a symbol of the vibrant, colorful and many faceted lives of the people who came to the Shields area. They lived and died here and found a good life.

The secretary is heirloom of Opal’s family, owned by her grandmother Effie Luella Ida Mae, born in 1876, and raised in Rush County, Ks. She married my grandfather John F. Nelson who came to Pawnee County driving an eight-horse hitch for a circus train. He wanted to settle down, found a job in harvest fields of my Great grandfather Conard, met Effie and lived to raise 12 children all who made it to adulthood.

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The Windmill RoomThe Windmill Room, the most striking piece is the Windmill quilt, make by Dashing Denim. A local friend who does denim quilts, wall hangings, ornaments etc. Windmills are a symbol of life, hope, survival and future. They are quickly being removed and replaced by electric pumps etc. May windmills always be remembered as a sign of “Hope” and the best is yet to come.

Marvin and his father moved a windmill to a small pasture in 1989, those pictures on displayed on the east wall. All of these windmills are in and around the Roberts family farmstead, or nearby.

On the west and north wall by the door are Opal family farm where she grew up.

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                   Quilt by: Dashing Denim                     

The Guest HouseOur new guest house.
















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